Family riding a Double Surrey

Reliability and Performance

We are the global leader in manufacturing Surreys for the rental market. Our Surrey parts undergo rigorous testing during production, and our Surreys themselves are field tested every day at over 100 locations nationwide. We use our knowledge of the rental market to bring you the very best rental Surrey. 

Our Free Wheel

The weakest link on most Surreys are the freewheels. Every other Surrey uses a standard bicycle freewheel which isn’t designed to handle the loads needed to move a Surrey full of people. Those freewheels have 2 pawls, one engages at a time.

wheel fun surrey freewheel

We designed ours with 6 pawls, three engage at a time. Our load tests and field tests prove it is actually more than three times stronger and outlasts common bicycle freewheels by years.

  • Rust Buster Brake Cable
    Our special rust-buster cable housing adds a nylon sleeve to eliminate the metal to metal contact found on all other Surrey cables.
  • Rust-less Chain
    We use a rust-less chain designed to carry greater loads (stainless chains and standard bicycle chains used by the other Surrey suppliers do not have the tensile strength to carry Surrey size loads).
  • Strength Built Throughout
    You can stand, in fact you can jump up and down on our stainless steel chain guard - don’t try this on others.

Simply the best Surrey on the market.”

– Rodney Knight, Rental Operator

Each and every item outlined here and on our Features page creates a Surrey that operates with less maintenance and greater safety. A superior rental fleet won’t let you down. We operate rental locations and know that time is money and the season is short. All backed by the only Lifetime Warranty in the business.

Engineered from the Ground Up

A few of the many designs and tests that go into building our Surrey.

Side Load Testing

First ever disc brake hub undergoing side load test.

disc brake hub side load test graph
torque freewheel analysis

Laboratory torque analysis on freewheel

laboratory torque graph
solar simulation UV test

Solar simulation for UV testing on all fabric, paint, and vinyl

solar simulation info sheet
Life cycle test on front freewheel

Life cycle test on front freewheel

life cycle test on front wheel graph

Stainless Steel

We put the very best (and most expensive) 304 series stainless steel material in all critical areas, such as our chain guards and center foot rest, around the outside of the Surrey on the bumpers, fenders, and side panels, plus rims & spokes, uprights, brake levers and all hardware. Our stainless steel goes through rigorous testing to ensure it stands up to the harshest of elements like salt water near the beach or snow in the Midwest, maximizing your investment.

Stainless Steel Construction

Salt Spray Corrosion Testing

Production & Distribution Warehouse

Surrey Production and Distribution Warehouse

The Paint

All Surreys look good when they’re new, but you want the one that looks good after 5, 10 and 15 years!

We use Tiger Drylac® UV 15 year paint, electrostatically applied and baked on at over 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  It is Tiger’s highest quality, most expensive outdoor paint, because without it you don’t have a long lasting finish.

And there is a lot more to it than just applying the paint.  Without proper pretreatment, the paint will chip and corrode.

So first we apply a high quality phosphate coating that meets automotive, aerospace, and military specs.  This not only maximizes paint adhesion, it improves appearance, corrosion resistance, and abrasion resistance.

Our quality assurance oversees every step.

Powder coating
paint thickness testing

Paint Thickness Testing

temperature and bake time testing

Temperature and Bake Time Testing

Cross Hatch Adhesion Testing

Cross Hatch Adhesion Testing

Methyl Ethyl Ketone Boiling Adhesion Testing

Methyl Ethyl Ketone Boiling Adhesion Testing

uv spectrum fade testing

UV Spectrum Fade Testing

strict quality control

Strict Quality Assurance

Maximize Your Return on Investment

You maximize rental dollars when your equipment looks great, has minimal downtime, lower maintenance requirements, and less fleet cleaning than any other Surrey available. You maximize return on investment when your fleet has both a higher and longer payout.

We stand behind our product! We are the only manufacturer to offer a warranty for rental use. Our Surreys offer better design, superior finishing, immediate 100% parts turnaround, and our unequaled reputation for quality.