Quadricycle Features

Our team of engineers have created an outstanding value, so we can offer you the safest, highest quality, most feature-filled Surrey on the market. All new designs will fully fit/interchange with all our older Surreys.

20 Continuous Years in Specialty Cycle Manufacturing

As we continue to drive the future of the rental Surrey, we’re proud to carry forward everything we’ve ever explored, imagined, studied, and learned through our 20 year experience and 100+ rental locations. Our design team has incorporated both function and form focusing on lower maintenance requirements and quicker service procedures.  Our Surreys have finishes that will outlast all others, more safety features, superior raw materials and all of this at a reduced price.

Highest Quality Surrey Production

No other Surrey offers the highest quality Japanese sealed bearings throughout.  No one else provides full frame gusseting and reinforcement undercarriage frame trusses.  Or disc brakes, heavy-duty freewheels, rust-less chains, turnbuckle front alignment, safety wheel covers, rear fender supports, double safety steering boots and more.

And no other Surrey offers as much stainless steel including chain guards, stainless middle passenger footrests, stainless steel rims, spokes, top uprights, brake levers, bumpers, fenders, side panels and hardware. And not just any stainless steel – top grade, completely rust eliminating, corrosion free 304 series Stainless Steel material.


Go-Cart Bike Features

Quick Stop Disk Brakes

Quick Stop Disc Brakes are the state of the art and offer superior stopping power with reduced brake fade and pad wear, which means fewer adjustments. Rotor and caliper attach directly to the wheel and fully interchange with drum style hub. Wheel and brake can be replaced separately, lowering replacement costs.

Wheel Covers

Wheel Covers assure feet won’t get caught in rear wheels offering enhanced safety. Easy to install and remove.  Made with unbreakable ABS material. And they are easier to keep clean than any other wheel!

Independent Pedaling

Minimize rider injuries with Independent Pedaling at each pedal station (on Double & Triple Surreys) allows all riders to pedal or coast independently. This reduces foot and leg injury. The heart of this system is the case hardened 6 pawl freewheel unit placed between the crank arm and sprockets.

Secondary Steering Wheel

Copilot Steering Wheel

This secondary steering wheel is independent of the main steering wheel. While it has no steering capabilities, it brings big fun to the kids who sit up front and pretend they are driving.

Surrey LED Headlight

L.E.D. Front & Rear Lights

L.E.D. Front & Rear Lights are battery powered and operate for over 250 hours on one set of AA batteries.  Our Super bright Triple L.E.D. headlight retrofits onto all of our past Surrey models.

Rustless Chain

Rustless Chain

Rust-less Chain – Significantly minimizes rust even in the toughest conditions.

Surrey Footrest

Middle Passenger Footrest

Middle Passenger Footrest brings comfort and safety and is stainless steel so it always looks great, even after years of foot traffic.

Baked on Paint

Baked on Paint – We use Tiger Drylac brand Powder Coat, electrostatically applied, UV 15 year, baked on at over 400 degrees Fahrenheit, so our cycles always look bright, resist scratches and remain rust free.

Modular Design

Modular Design

Modular Design – parts designed to fit any model. If we create a new model, we will always have parts to fit your vehicle. It also makes it easy to upgrade features as they become available.

Turnbuckle Front Wheel Alignment

Turnbuckle Front Wheel Alignment will reduce maintenance time and tire wear.  Wheel misalignment is why front tires wear out 2 or 3 x faster than they should.  Until now, aligning front wheels required over 20 steps, including removing rack & pinion connectors and steering stabilizer bar from steering levers and removing steering springs and all the related hardware and then trial and error and reassembly to get it right.  Now a simple twist of two turnbuckles is all you need to get a quick, easy wheel alignment and save those tires.

Wheel Fun Surrey Front Basket

Front Basket

Our front basket for kids and/or pets provide the best view! (Capacity 2 small children 6 years old and younger). This bench seat gives kids a raised, obstruction-free, view of their surroundings.

Tube for Safety Flags

Tube for Safety Flags

Safety is our top priority. In creating the safest Surrey available, we have included a place to drop in safety flags. These flags create a brightly colored fleet.

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Maximize your return on investment with a Lifetime Limited Warranty that is fully transferable. And features that keep your 4-Wheel Surrey bike looking and functioning it’s best even after years of use and exposure to the elements.

Wheel covers, independent pedaling, middle passenger footrest, and more keep riders safe and prevent foot and leg injuries.

Whether you are buying a Surrey for personal use, or purchasing a whole fleet for your rental operation you will benefit from a conversation from us. With over 30 years in the Surrey rental and manufacturing business, we know the ins and outs of this product and business.  Our team of engineers, mechanics, and customer service reps are standing by to answer any questions you may have. And replacement parts are shipped out same day. Give us a call. 805-650-7770.

Leading the Way in Surrey Manufacturing

Developments that optimize the function, value, and appearance. While we didn’t invent the Surrey or come up with every major modification, we have been the leader in major improvements and features tailored to the rigors of the specialty cycle rental market.

  • Wheel Fun Rentals Surreys were the first ever to offer safety features like enclosed chain guards, safety wheel covers, steering boots, seat belts, a wider more stable front wheelbase and disc brakes.

And the first to offer:

  • Heavy-duty freewheels
  • Rust buster brake cables
  • Rustless chains
  • Offset cranks
  • Double lock front wheels
  • Large bearing sealed crank assemblies
  • Inside chain drive systems
  • Double steering wheels
  • Frame trusses
  • Rack & pinion steering
  • Internal cable routing
  • Injection molded seats
  • Double and triple seat models
  • Stainless steel components