• single surrey cycle bike
    Single Surrey
    Seats 3 adults (2 pedal) plus 2 small children.
  • Double Surrey Bicycle Quadricycle
    Double Surrey
    Two benches provide seating for 6 adults (4 pedal), while the front basket seats 2 small children.
  • Surrey Bike, Four Wheel Bike, 2 & 4 Person bikes, triple surrey
    Triple Surrey
    Three row seating fits 9 adults (6 pedal) and 2 small children in the front basket.

Surreys for the Rental Market

We are the leader in major quadricycle improvements and features tailored to the rigors of the rental market. No other Surrey offers as much stainless steel, including chain guards, stainless middle passenger footrests, stainless steel rims, spokes, top uprights, brake levers, bumpers, fenders, side panels and hardware.

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Quadricycle Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our Lifetime Limited Warranty covers all Surrey quadricycle parts against any defect in materials or workmanship. We’re the only ones in the industry who offer that level of guarantee.

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4-Wheel Bike Parts and Repair

With a 99% fill rate, we stock every part for every Surrey we’ve ever sold, plus parts for Surreys we’ve never sold. All parts are completely interchangeable between our old and new model Surreys. Plus, we ship the same business day.

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